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Date of Visit: ; Name: A; Escort name: Anne

Date of Visit: ; Name: Anatoly Bogomolov; Escort name: Jadviga

I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her gorgeous body. She looks stunning without clothes. I spend my time kissing and touching her soft skin. It was a fabulous experience which can’t be described in words.

Date of Visit: ; Name: Kirill Polzin; Escort name: Jessica

She made me feel what true love is like. She was compassionate, caring and spectacular in bed during our two hours time. I just kept on kissing and playing with her gorgeous body, even do not realize when my time was over. I felt like being in heaven with her. Will visit her again soon.\\r\\nKirill Polzin, Russia

Date of Visit: ; Name: Jim Murray; Escort name: Anne

I felt like spending time with heavenly nymph. Best thing about her is that despite being so beautiful, she is so humble and has no attitudes at all. Love making was as sweet as her nature is. Honestly speaking, felt sad to leave her. Will surely make a second visit, but this time it is going to be full day.\r\nJim Murray, UK

Date of Visit: ; Name: Oleg Zolnerowich; Escort name: Megan

She is more beautiful than her pictures. Her skin is really soft. I haven’t seen such a soft skin in my whole life. My hand just slipped on her body. Spend 2 hours in kissing and playing with her bosom. It was a lovely experience, would like to repeat again. Oleg Zolnerowich, Russia

Date of Visit: ; Name: Keung Tao; Escort name: Dulcie

I lost all my tensions when she put my arms around mine shoulder. She looked spectacular when she took off her garments. I just loved kissing her from top to bottom. I was so much lost in her charm that didn’t realize when my time was over. Would love to repeat her again. Keung Tao, China

Date of Visit: ; Name: Valdemar Pajari; Escort name: Galina

Now I know why men are so much crazy about Brazilian girls. They treat you so well that you don’t desire any other lady in your life ever again. Same thing happened with me. It was my first time with an escort and not for a second she treated me like unknown stranger. In-fact, behaved like a devoted wife all the time.\r\nValdemar Pajari

Date of Visit: ; Name: Satchel; Escort name: Abigal

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