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Russian escorts Florence

Megan is a young Russian escort in Rome who is stunning with her wine hair which flows over her shoulder like a rich red fountain contrasting against her smooth flawless complexion. This slim leggy young lady is extremely attractive having big brown come to bed eyes, which say more than words when she flutters her long eye lashes at you. You will never see anyone with such open inviting body language. Her whole laid back demeanour puts you at ease straight away. She oozes confidence and sexiness; she has rich skin and sleek contours. Her athletic frame is taut and firm, with her long shapely legs completing a very aesthetically pleasing picture. Megan could easily be described as eye candy. She has a range of outfits that look rakish and raffish, reflecting her devil may care persona and her wickedly naughty attitude to having saucy fun. Her firm rounded bottom was made for a thong as she looks so hot in one. She owns a big personality as she is bubbly and effervescent. She is everything you would want to brighten up your day. This girl is not just a pretty face or sexy body; she has depth in personality and character. This exciting interesting young lady has an abundance of charisma, unfortunately time just slips by whilst you are in her company. Megan appeals to a great cross section of clients as she is bisexual, submissive and a vibrant party girl with many talents you can only discover by meeting her in the flesh. A meeting with this hot model is highly recommended as she is much sought after.


  • Age24
  • Weight54
  • Height170
  • Breasts3